The Expense of Affordable Housing

Affordable housing is an issue right across Australia.  Some progress is being made, after years of government neglect.

In the NT some new estates are including 15% affordable housing  with Commonwealth Government incentive schemes available. Some firms specialise in this work. Unfortunately, some of these have unsatisfactory features, such as very small lots. In the CBD an application for affordable flats to be built in the CBD brought  strong objections. However, providing city accommodation for low paid workers, such a cleaners, is a real problem.

In the suburbs, PLan generally favours cluster dwellings with shared common open space to minute 'houses', or flats in towers. This gives people at different stages in life, a choice of accommodation types which are variously affordable.

Throughout the NT, the organisation, NT Shelter, has very quickly, under the capable Ms Toni Vine-Bromley, established effective leadership in this important field. This is part of a national network. For further information:

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