Little Mindil gifted to the Casino?

little-mindil There remain strong concerns about Little Mindil. The escarpment and the creek line have not been rehabilitated as required.

This was the responsibility of the Casino, as a condition of the crown lease term. All vegetation was mechanically torn off the
escarpment, and the fore dune, much loved  for sunset viewing was excavated and taken away as fill. Other vegetation, including trees were destroyed near residences, with loss of bird life. Promises were made by Land Administration about supervision of rehabilitation work, although nothing seems to have happened. 

PLan and local residents are concerned what will happen when the casino acquires freehold of Little Mindil when the lease finishes. Most concern is about the possibility of building on the escarpment, in front of the heritage precinct, or on the flat approaches to Little Mindil Beach. The Casino currently has fill on the motel side, away from Little Mindil. There is concern about storm surge and monsoon damage.

In order to understand the long term implications of the Casino's takeover, we have asked Minister Gerry McCarthy for a copy of the land agreement made between the NTG and the Casino, dated  26.6.2009. This is essential to interpreting the situation. There has been no reply from the Minister's Office.  No Agreement about changed ownership of public land should be commercial and in confidence'.

pdfLittle Mindil Escarpment (from 2009 newsletter)

Letter to the Editor

The letter to the editor attached below follows an item in the NT News of 6 December, 2011 publicising the installation of a footbridge in their tourist development for 'high roller' gamblers. They are able to build these extensions to their accommodation because they can move their major outside entertainment venue to little Mindil.

pdfLittle Mindil (NT News)

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