Almost loss of Alawa School Oval

alawa-treatment-patheticalawa-oval Alawa is a quiet treed suburb  settled in the 1970's. It is where the Alawa Primary School and its oval is a central facility and open space recreation resource for the community. This attractive  pattern of Commonwealth planning was the standard for all our  northern suburbs.

Amidst NT Government secrecy from the communities, both of Ludmilla and Alawa, action began to move the Nemarluk Special School from one suburb to the other. At Alawa, only a yellow subdivisiont notice alerted them that open space and an oval were in danger. It was then stated by public servants that the local residents had no rights to object. This is scandalous.

A neighborhood community group called for answers and consultation. A public meeting was called with local member Kon Vatskalis and Education Minister Chris Burns, and bringing together Alawa people and Nemarluk connections. Some promises were made, but  not  fulfilled. Many mature trees are being felled in construction.

The local community is concerned about the loss of public space, and particularly encroachment on a public oval at the school, but certainly not about the new people being a Special School, although they were accused of that. One such incorrect accusation came from a letter from a former Minister for Education, in the NT News.   

The layout of the new school means  does not fit well into the best site available. . In spite of other on site talks with public servants, no fears have been averted, and the situation is a nightmare as construction proceeds.    Even a quiet community chat with Minister Burns has failed to improve this very inappropriate situation. The community feels powerless and angry.

In the meantime,  construction is encroaching  on the actual oval,  more large trees are threatened, and community amenity is being unaccountably destroyed.

What of the other ovals in the Northern suburbs ?

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